22 October 2019 | Palladium Ballrooms North & Centre,
The Radisson Hotel,Sudbury, Canada

Paper presented by A.J. Hyett.

Conceptual Framework for Unlocking of Value from Extensometer Data


Autonomous instruments measuring ground movements and rock support loading can detect large numbers of micro-Damage Events (mDEs) that are otherwise too small to be observable. In the temporal domain, mDEs are characterized by elevated rates of ground move ment/support loading which are associated with mining induced stimuli: typically blasting and micro-seismic events. Subsequent and sometimes ongoing time-dependent deformations are also measured. The magnitudes of the measured mDEs can be correlated with factors such as the local Stress Factor around excavations and pillars, and the Scaled Distances of the blast or seismic stimuli. During the mining cycle, prior accumulation of mDEs, within the excavation damage zone, raises “Excavation Vulnerability” with respect to both planned and unplanned future stimuli.