YieldPoint's BluTech (BT5) EcoSystem

BluTech Bluetooth 5 (BT5) instruments eliminate leadwires by beaconing readings every 3 seconds. In additional up to 30,000 reading are stored in local instrument memory. YieldPoint’s BluPoint App provides Android Smart Phone and Tablet functionality to configure instruments and download stored data.

Advantages of BluPoint instruments include:

  • BT5 Extended range (Coded PHY) up to 50m (4 x BLE)
  • Android phone/tablet access using BluPoint App.
  • Extremely low energy
  • User friendly data-logging, 30,000 readings
  • BluGateways enabling WiFi, LTE-M connectivity
  • Cloud data platform(VantagePoint) and analytics (+VantagePoint)
  • Economical pricing

Learn more about the power of Bluetooth 5 here.


The BluTech EcoSystem uses  BT5 “beaconing” to replace vulnerable lead-wires. In addition, BluLoggers and BluGateways can read  RS485 and  VW instruments, locally store the data, which can then be  uploaded  in several ways:

  • Local personnel can use a phone or tablet to take the latest readings.
  • Android devices can read instruments.
  • BluLoggers can autonomously collect data that can be  downloaded by Android devices using the BluPoint App.
  • BluGateways can autonomously collect data and download via a WiFi, Ethernet or or LTE-M network.
  • BluGateways can be fitted to vehicles to aggregate readings during driveby.

The ecosystem is managed by the  BluPoint App for Android which  can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


BluTech has been designed to eliminate vulnerable leadwires  by  setting up a BlueTooth 5 (BT5) wireless beaconing array. The LoS range is approximately 50m which is a significant improvement over BLE 4.2. Each BluTech device is also a data-logger (30,000 readings) and data can be locally downloaded using an Android phone or tablet, up-loaded to surface from a gateway using an Ethernet, WiFi or LTE-M. The cellular solution based on LTE-M or NB-IoT is 5G ready and is currently being adopted for projects in cities.

The BluTech EcoSystem: BT5 Beacons

BT5 Beacons comprise (i) BluLink-R and BluLink-S that can be connected to any YP RS485 instrument, (ii) Fully integrated Blu-Instruments such as BluExto, BluTilt, BluHID.  BT5 beacons are fully capable dataloggers and can collect 30,000 time-stamped readings. BT5 beacons  transmit their latest readings every 3 seconds. Any BluGW (BT5 Scanner) that is in range will receive the beacon and write the reading payload  into memory.


Merging our BluLink and d-Exto into a single package.  The BluEXTO allows for Bluetooth telemetry to a BluGateway or the BluPoint app without the need for an external Link radio.


The BluLink-S is a datalogger that can be read by a BluLogger, BluGateway or the BluPoint app…


The BluLink-R is a  datalogger that can “beacon” readings to BluGateways and BluLoggers and be downloaded using the BluPoint App…


The BluTilt is a Bluetooth enabled wireless tiltmeter for very precise measurement of changes in inclination…

The BluTech EcoSystem: BT5 Scanners

BT5 Scanners  include all devices that can periodically scan ( 20s duration) for YP BT5 beacons and aggregate the reading into memory ready for upload over IT infrastruture. Currently there are 4 BT5 Scanner devices (i) LTE-M BluGW (ii)Wifi BluGW (iii) Blu900GW  and (iv) Blu900Node. BT5 scanners are fully capable data-loggers (30,000 readings) and are designed to push data to a cloud database such as YP’s VantagePoint database.

LTE-M Cellular BluGateway

The Cellular BluGateway is an LTE-M version of the BluGateway, designed to communicate with Bluetooth, Rs485 digital, and VW  instruments. …

WiFi BluGateway

The WiFi BluGateway is a WiFi version of the BluGateway devices, designed to communicate with Bluetooth, Rs485 digital, and VW  instruments…


The Blu900GW is a bridge between a 900MHz (ISM band) wireless mesh and WiFi/Ethernet  network.  The Blu900GW is also a BT5 scanner.

Blu900 Node

The  Blu900Node is a BT5 scanner and a node radio with a 900MHz (ISM band) wireless mesh network. The Blu900Node will scan for BT5 beacons and upload the readings when the 900MHz mesh wakes up…..

The BluTech EcoSystem: Android Apps


BluPoint App

The BluPoint app is the hub for reading and saving data from a Bluetooth enabled instrument, or BluLogger…

PullTest App

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