Bluetooth 5 instrumentation

YieldPoint’s BluPoint technology integrates Bluetooth 5 with  geotechnical instruments. Bluetooth 5 features the same low power features as BLE but with 4x range (50m). YieldPoint’s BluPoint App provides Android Smart Phone and Tablet functionality. Advantages of BluPoint instruments include:

  • Extended range up to 50m (4 x BLE)
  • Android phone/tablet access
  • Extremely low energy
  • User friendly BluLoggers
  • BluGateways enabling WiFi, LTE-M connectivity
  • Cloud data platform(VantagePoint) and analytics(+VantagePoint)
  • Economical pricing

The BluPoint App is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store


The idea is to use economical Bluetooth 5 “beaconing” to replace lead-wires and aggregate data for upload by gateways over a WiFi, 4G cellular or Ethernet interface. The BluPoint instrument network is completely Plug and Play and thus, a BluLogger or BluGateway can receive data from up to 1 – 16 BluTech instruments without a physical connection, as well as wired digital and VW instruments. YieldPoint’s BluPoint empowers data to be aggregated in various ways:

BluPoint technology has been designed to elininate vulnerable leadwires  by  setting up a BlueTooth 5 wireless beaconing array. The LOS range is approximately 50m which is a significant improvement over BLE 4.2. Each Blutooth device is also a data-logger (30,000 readings) and data can be locally downloaded using an Android phone or tablet, up-loaded to surface from a gateway using an Ethernet, WiFi or cellular network. The cellular solution based on LTE-M or NB-IoT is 5G ready and is already being adopted for projects in cities.

BluPoint Solution

Bluetooth 5 Instruments


Merging our BluLink and d-Exto into a single package.  The BluEXTO allows for Bluetooth telemetry to a BluGateway or the BluPoint app without the need for an external Link radio.


The BluLink enables instruments to be read by a BluLogger, BluGateway or the BluPoint app…


The BluTilt is a Bluetooth enabled wireless tiltmeter for very precise measurement of changes in inclination…

Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet BluGateways

LTE-M Cellular BluGateway

The Cellular BluGateway is an LTE-M version of the BluGateway, designed to communicate with Bluetooth, Rs485 digital, and VW  instruments. …

WiFi BluGateway

The WiFi BluGateway is a WiFi version of the BluGateway devices, designed to communicate with Bluetooth, Rs485 digital, and VW  instruments…

Ethernet BluGateway

SWARM BluGateway

SWARM BluGateway

YieldPoint’s SWARM BluGateway combines standard  BluGateway inputs: 4 x YP RS485  instruments, 4 x VW instruments and Blutech instrument array together with SWARM mini-satellite backhaul.

BluPoint App

BluPoint App

The BluPoint app is the hub for reading and saving data from a Bluetooth enabled instrument, or BluLogger…

MeshPoint App

For our 1-for-1 radio gateway, there is a separate app that allows you to communicate over bluetooth to configure and troubleshoot the device.

PullTest App

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