Our Mission

YieldPoint Inc. will continue to design, manufacture and support geotechnical monitoring solutions of the highest quality and reliability and at the best possible price for the civil and mining industries. We will help our customers worldwide to implement geotechnical monitoring programs that will give them the best possible insight into the behaviour of their structures, be they natural or engineered. Our back-end interpretation tools will multiply the value of the data collected in mining, civil and construction projects. This in turn will allow for a better understanding and promote better anticipation of future changes in the structures.

Our product offering for geotechnical monitoring will help enhance safety and productivity, and we will strive for total customer satisfaction through superior and responsive customer service. We provide leading-edge technology by cultivating innovation focused on our customers’ needs. We are committed to sustained growth through continued investment in product development and manufacturing methods.

YieldPoint wishes to be recognized collectively and individually as leaders and contributors in the geotechnical monitoring field. We will encourage our employees to publish papers and attend conferences. We will fulfill our goals using a straight-forward, direct, open and honest approach with our customers, partners, sub-contractors and suppliers. YieldPoint is an environmentally conscious and responsible company and we will ensure that all aspects of our business have the least harmful effect on the environment, as we provide technological advances that help our customers minimize their environmental footprint through geotechnical monitoring.

The YieldPoint Story

YieldPoint Inc. was incorporated in 2001 as a geotechnical monitoring instrumentation company with the goal of designing and manufacturing a ‘smarter’ and more robust generation of geotechnical instruments. We used an digital architecture by embedding into every instrument a microcontroller with Flash memory. Digital Signal Processing allowed YieldPoint to begin manufacturing highly accurate instruments at low cost.

Following 15 years of incremental improvement, YieldPoint is now positioned to offer a digital product line that intersects with a major new idea: the Internet of Things (IoT), leveraging its benefits for better geotechnical monitoring purposes. Our efforts and inventiveness result in user-friendly geotechnical monitoring solutions with improved accuracy and reliability in even the harshest environments.

Most recently we have adopted Distributed Optical Strain sensing technologies to create the highest resolution geotechnical instruments in the world. We are currently manufacturing probes with 10,000 strain measurements along a 10m length for applications in both mining and civil engineering. For the first time this technology is capable of monitoring shear failure, possibly the most prevalent failure mechanism in geomechanics. Our growing expertise in this field will result in fundamental research breakthroughs in the field of rock mechanics. We can now solve geotechnical monitoring problems that we couldn’t have imagined existed 15 years ago.

The Team

YieldPoint Inc has assembled a highly qualified team that provides both world class research expertise as well as exceptional customer support.

Andrew Hyett PhD.


Dr Andrew Hyett received his PhD in 1990 from the Royal School of Mines Imperial College, London. While at Queens University, Kingston, he invented the SMART cable bolt and co-founded Mine Design Tech- nologies Inc. On leaving MDT in 2000 he founded YieldPoint Inc to offer ‘smarter’ and more reliable geotechnical instruments. 15 years later he is still motivated by the opportunities for innovation in geotechnical monitoring.

Pierre Ballester

Director of Business Development

Pierre Ballester joined YieldPoint in 2012 and since has been working closely with Andrew Hyett. Pierre is driven by a desire to offer excellence in service and by his confidence in YieldPoint’s solutions. Contact him with all your questions! LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Skype, email, phone, Meets, Teams or other means of your choice.

Heather Conway

Procurement Manager

Heather started working for YieldPoint 20 years ago, developing the original software products such as MineScope for data visualization and the Company’s quoting and instrument design software. Heather then joined YieldPoint full time in 2019 to assume the roles of Inventory and Procurement Manager and Bookkeeper. Heather is the Mastermind behind the famous ArmDrop Racing drag racing series in South Eastern Ontario.

Peter Brittain

Software and Web Developer

Peter graduated from St. Lawrence College as a Computer Programmer Analyst. After which he worked for DND and Calian developing software tools and applications. With many talents in software development Peter is currently developing and enhancing the companies core software, the Geotechnical Data Platform, as well as managing their website.


Primary Firmware Developer

Jason is a skilled software and firmware developer with experience in C & C++ and previous experience developing firmware for ARM devices. He is currently developing new and updated firmware for much of our IoT hardware.


Board Engineer (EiT) & Firmware Developer

With a history of experience in board design and firmware development, Yinni joined our team to help advance our technology. Yinni is skilled in C as well as knowledgeable with PCB layout design. With Yinnis’ help, we expect to be able to update our existing hardware and build new hardware.

Daniel Bolivar

Production Supervisor

Daniel got his education as a Control Engineering Technician at St. Lawrence College here in Kingston. After working for several high-end manufacturing companies, he came to us at YieldPoint. Since then he has been key to manufacturing our instruments with a strong sense of ownership and a unique emphasis on quality.

Tobbie Arinmo

Production Engineer (EiT)

Tobbie is our Master Extensometer Builder. He joined YieldPoint after a MENG in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen’s University here in Kingston, and some valuable work experience and an Electrical Engineer. Tobbie is very talented and central to our Production Shop. He is also a very skilled and decorated soccer player.

James Kellway

Production Technologist

James spent 3 years at St. Lawrence College to become a Civil Engineering Technologist. In his final year he became involved with YieldPoint during his Co-op learning program. Now a graduate, he works for YieldPoint in the production team building the instruments used by companies around the world. In his off time, James enjoys boating and fishing like many here at YieldPoint.

Brody Riddle

Production Technologist

Brody joins us with 15 years of construction experience. His most recent job was as a supervisor for Coda Exteriors. His accolades include several construction-related certifications. Brody is a hard worker and hasn’t met a challenge yet that he couldn’t succeed at.

Jose Rubens

Production Technologist

Jose joined us with over 20 years of manufacturing experience. With an education in control and automation engineering, his attention to detail and accuracy are a boon to our company. His hobbies include archery and diving.