Blu900 Node

The Blu900 Node is a slave modem  for a Blu900 mesh network. It is a bridge between  d-Tech and BluTech instruments and a 900MHz 9ISM band) wireless mesh. Up to 16 Blu900 nodes can exist on a Blu900 mesh. Each Blu900 Node can listen to 8x BluTech beaconing devices. As a result up to 128 instruments, comprising over 100 channels can be serviced by a Blu900 mesh network.

The Blu900 node is  battery powered mesh network. It is available in 3 form factors with either 4 ot 8 D-cell batteries.

The Blu900 node is a fully functioning datalogger and can buffer reading if the 900MHz mesh is unavailable. Upload will occur over a period of time when the 900mHz connection is re-established. The Blu900 Node can store up to 30,00 readings .

The Blu900 Node is configured using the BluPoint App.


Key Features:

(i) Slave modem on  a 900MHz mesh with up to 16 Blu900 Nodes

(ii) Provides full data-logging for the mesh with up to 30,000 readings.

(iii) Configuration using BluPoint App

(iv) Health monitoring for all Blu900 devices on the mesh.

Bluetooth 5 connectivity:

  • Transmit power: up to 23dBm
  • Receive Sensitivity : -95dBm

Regulatory Approvals:

  • FCC (USA): MCQ-XB3M1
  • IC (CANADA): (IC: 5123A-BGM13P

Architecture: (Click image for manual)