Blu900 Gateway

The Blu900 Gateway is the coordinator for a 900MHz mesh network. It is a bridge between the 900MHz mesh and a WiFi or Ethernet network. The Blu900Gateway mesh can consist of  up to 16 Blu900 node on a fully battery powered mesh network. The Blu900GW manages  the synchronized mesh wake-up and the instrument reading intervals for the mesh. The BluGateway can also listen for beacons from BluTech Beacons  that are within range (approx. 100m LoS)

The Blu900 gateway can store up to 30,00 readings and if the WiFi/Ethernet network is lost these will buffered and uploaded over time.

The Blu900 Gateway is configured using the BluPoint App.


Key Features:

(i) Supports a 900MHz mesh with up to 24 Blu900 nodes

(ii) Provides full data-logging for the mesh with up to 30,000 readings.

(iii) Configuration using BluPoint App

(iv) Health monitoring for all Blu900 devices on the mesh.

Bluetooth 5 connectivity:

  • Transmit power: up to 23dBm
  • Receive Sensitivity : -95dBm

Regulatory Approvals:

  • FCC (USA): MCQ-XB3M1
  • IC (CANADA): (IC: 5123A-BGM13P

Architecture: (Click image for manual)