d-Conv Convergence Sensor

YieldPoint’s d-Conv is a high precision digital displacement with a 150mm range. It is most commonly used as a roof-to-floor convergence station in salt and potash mines. However it can be widely deployed as an instrument to measure dilation or closure of cracks and joints on many types of structure including retaining walls, bridges and dams.

The instrument outputs readings directly in degrees C and mm which eliminates the necessity for expensive analog-to-digital conversion. It is fully compatible with YieldPoint’s BluLink solution which transforms it into a wireless instrument and provides local data-logging. For very long range applications involving a distributed array of d-Conv instruments, as are common in salt and potash mines, a mesh network of 1 for 1 radios is commonly used.

These features make solutions based on d-Conv instruments significantly more cost-effective than those of competing products.