Partner Integrations


NEW!  YieldPoint d-Tech instruments are now fully interoperable with Worldsensing LS-G6-DIG node without a Modbus Interface.

Working closely with Worldsensing, we have enabled communication between our digital sensors and the Loadsensing digital node.

NEW!  YieldPoint, ESS Earth Sciences and Worldsensing have collorated to bring ESS’s  HID cell triaxial stress cell to the Worldsensing ecosystem.


Ackcio Website
We have been working closely with Ackcio to make our hardware compatible with their Digital Node. This allows a node to host either one of our instruments directly (RS485), or connect to our Multiplexer for up to 8 instruments on a single Node (RS232).

Campbell Scientific

Working with Campbell Scientific we have developed compatibility between our instruments over the dMUX and their CR6. This allows us to connect up to 8 instruments on a single CR6.


INZWA Website
INZWA are currently developing an API Plugin to allow our 1-for-1 and dMUX Gateways to communicate directly with their API. This will allow customers using the INZWA Cloud Platform to integrate our Gateways directly into their platform instead of having to go through a seperate import or script process. Once complete it will be as simple as installing the plugin, copying the link and setting the upload address on the Gateway to their API link.

NLT Australia

Our Wi-Fi Gateways have been tested and are fully compatible with the NLT Wireless backbone. This means that anywhere that NLT’s Wi-Fi systems are in place our Gateways can be implimented and will reach back to a server without issue. Integrations such as this allow hardware to reach further, deeper and more reliably into mines so that telemetry can be gathered quickly and reliably.


Sensemetrics Website
California-based Industrial IoT (IIoT) and cloud technology company sensemetrics is transforming sensor data into real-time business intelligence, today it announced its entrance into the underground mining market via a co-development and go-to-market partnership with Yieldpoint Inc., a Kingston, Ontario instrumentation company. Initially the two companies will target mineral and metal mines in the Americas and Australasian regions.

Under the agreement, Yieldpoint’s d-Tech line of digital sensors have been integrated with the sensemetrics cloud platform to enable underground mine operators to rapidly respond to changing conditions, accurately predict and prevent risk, improve safety conditions, save thousands of hours of high-value engineering time and reduce overall operational costs.