Geotechnical Software


VantagePoint is YieldPoint’s powerful  instrument analysis tool.

The front-end accessible through a user-friendly browser-based  GUI interface with super convenient visualization tools.

The back-end can be accessed through a JSON API. This is convenient for user who want to import data into their preferred visualization tool.



YieldPoint’s BluPoint app provides engineers, technicians, consultants and contractors with an Android interface to BluPoint instruments, BluLoggers, BluGateways as well as cloud based services. The App consists of 5 activities:

  • ViewPoint
  • LogPoint
  • AccessPoint
  • CheckPoint
  • VantagePoint

The BluPoint app is available on the Google Play store.

Click here for a getting started presentation


Campbell Scientific CR6 CRBasic program for dMUX

YieldPoint d4Mux and d8Mux are low cost multiplexing modules that enable a single port of a digital datalogger to interface with 4 or 8 YP instruments over a 4-wire (Power, GND, Tx, Rx) Rs232 (+/-5V) interface. The dMUX can be controlled over a Serial Port on the datalogger and example programs are provided for a Campbell Scientific CR6 datalogger. This enables up to 80 (d 4 MUX) or 160 (d 8 MUX) channels of information to be interfaced with a single data digital port. A sample CRBasic program for a Campbell CR6 logger is available here. No configuration or port mapping is required since each YP instrument has its own unique ID.



d-LOG is the application required to configure and download data from d1Loggers and d4Loggers. It allows the user to download data either over a Virtual Com Port (VCP) or a TCP socket. Data is directed to a filename corresponding with the Instrument ID. It is used to set up the data-logging period (1/min to 1/day) and to sync the clock.

d-LOG software is no longer being actively developed.



SensorViewer is an application that runs on a lap top or tablet (d-Tab). It allows the device to function as a readout unit. The user can store manual reading which avoids human error during data collection.


Pulltest Software

PullTest PC v5.15 is the software for YieldPoint’s Pulltest Data Aquisition System. The software can be run on a laptop or on d-Tab.

A windows 7 version is available.