The d-Tilt is a full 360 arcdeg triaxial wireless tiltmeter for very precise measurement (0.001 arcdeg resolution) of changes in inclination. The instrument uses a very low noise MEMS accelerometer that enables a resolution of 0.001 arcdeg with a 24hr stability of +/-0.001 arcdeg.

The d-Tilt features full (360 arcdeg) triaxial measurement so that placement on structures can be does not require precise leveling. The d-Tilt can be attached to a beam or mounted directly to any structure. The d-Tilt is also available in borehole model (shown) with a 38mm OD.

The d-Tilt can has an internal logging capability that can store 30,000 readings. The results are downloaded over Bluetooth 5 to an android device. The reading interval and clock synchronization are also handled via Bluetooth 5.


  • Full 360 arcdeg triaxial
  • 0.001 arcdeg resolution with +/-0.001 stability (24hr test)
  • Output directly in arcdeg
  • Available with 5 year power supply (1 reading/hr) or 2 year (1 reading/min)
  • Unique instrument ID
  • On-board digital temperature sensor for accurate compensation
  • High survivability following blasts and vibration
  • Easy to install, no pre-leveling required
  • Available with wired option
  • Available in borehole form factor
  • 30,000 readings stored, download by Bluetooth 5
  • Bluetooth 5 wireless communication
  • Free Android App for data aggregation


  • Triaxial X, Y, Z axes
  • Full 360 arcdeg range for each axis
  • +/- 0.001 arcdeg stability for 24hr test
  • 0.001 arcdeg resolution
  • Repeatability +/-0.003 arcdeg
  • Non-linearity +/-0.006 arcdeg
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5 Coded PHY at 125kb/s
  • Wired option RS485 with transmission up to 500m over 2 x tp
  • Internal battery 5000mAhr at 3.3V
  • 4mAh/day at 3.3V (1 reading/hr)