YieldPoint d4MUX and d8MUX are low cost multiplexing modules that enable a single port of a digital datalogger to interface with 4 or 8 YP instruments over a 4-wire (Power, GND, Tx, Rx) Rs232 (+/-5V) interface. The dMUX can be controlled over a Serial Port on the datalogger and example programs are provided for a Campbell Scientific CR6 datalogger. This enables up to 80 (d 4 MUX) or 160 (d 8 MUX) channels of information to be interfaced with a single data digital port. A sample CRBasic program for a Campbell CR6 logger is available here. No configuration or port mapping is required since each YP instrument has its own unique ID.

Solutions for other telemetry providers such as Ackcio and Sensemetrics are currently in development.