BluWire is a 4 instrument Vibrating Wire (VW) interface that can be connected to either a wired (RS485) or wireless interface (Bluetooth 5). The device will interrogate all 4 ports and return a single output string with the resonant frequency of connected instruments in Hertz. The interrogation algorithm is a robust swept frequency over a user defined range. The resolution of the output signal is 0.1Hz and the accuracy is typically 0.025%FS.

The Bluetooth 5 telemetry can be used with YieldPoint’s BluPoint solution that allows manual and logger (BluLogger) data to be aggregated using Android based hand-held devices. The BluWire can also be combined with either WiFi or LTE enabled BluGateway. Once network enabled, the data can be directed to YieldPoint’s cloud based service (VantagePoint) for seamless aggregation, and visualization. VantagePoint is based on a fast and efficient “time series” database specifically designed for handling large volumes of geotechnical data.


  • Excitation range (1kHz-10kHz) – user definable
  • Resolution: 0.1Hz
  • Frequency Accuracy: 50ppm
  • Temperature: -20–85C