• Interface with economical BluLoggers and BlueGateway. Plug and Play configuration.
  • Up to 16 instruments for a single battery powered BluLogger or BlueGateway.
  • Android App (BluPoint Suite) to read single instrument (BluViewer App) or download data from BluLoggers.
  • Wireless upload using WiFi or LTE-M or Android device.
  • Vehicular data gathering.
  • Cloud database service (VantagePoint)
  • Latest values advertised to passing Android devices.


  • 30,000 readings
  • 4 x AA replaceable battery (Alkaline or Lithium)
  • Guaranteed reliable for 16 instruments per BluLogger
  • Download to Android phone/tablet
  • Wired download
  • Free Android App for data aggregation


  • 30,000 readings from 16 instruments
  • Range 100m+ LOS
  • Bluetooth range: BLE 4.2 (15m LOS) or Bluetooth 5 devices(40m LOS)
  • Energy: 5mAh/day
  • Minimum RSSI -95dB