Software Downloads


d-LOG is the application required to configure and download data from d1Loggers and d4Loggers. It aalows the user to download data either over a Virtual Com Port (VCP) or a TCP socket. Data is directled to a filename corresponding with the Instrument ID. It is used to set up the data-logging period (1/min to 1/day) and to sync the clock.


SensorViewer is an application that runs on a lap top or tablet (d-Tab). It allows the device to function as a readout unit. The user can store manual reading which avoids human error during data collection.

MineScope Software

Minescope is a data visualization application that allows users to import data from YieldPoint instruments and display the data is Graphical form. The software can present multi-channel datasets in both temporal and spatial form. The program automatically accounts for head-at-toe (HAT) and head-at-collar (HAC) applications. Plots can be exported to Excel or Word reports can be generated with a single click.

d-Mesh Software

The d-Mesh PC software provides a GUI to configure, manage and trouble shoot a YieldPoint wireless mesh solution. d-Mesh can be used to discover wireless nodes, assess signal strength, and once operational extract data from d-Loggers populating the mesh.

Pulltest Software

PullTest PC v5.15 is the software for YieldPoint's Pulltest Data Aquisition System. The software can be run on a laptop or on d-Tab.

A windows 7 version is available.