Geotechnical d-Tilt-SG

d-Tilt-SG is a fully waterproof in-place tilt sensor for geotechnical and civil applications. It is based on Analog Devices’ excellent MEMS acccelerometer technology. It has a wide range of measurement (0 to +/-30 arcdeg). The duty-cycle digital signal from the accelerometer is processed by the on-board microcontroller, giving typical accuracies to within 0.025arcdeg, with a resolution of 0.01arcdeg. Each sensor is individually calibrated and temperature compensated using a digital temperature sensor that is incorporated inside the sensor.

The RS485 output signal is an ASCII encoded message that includes the unique Sensor_ID, the Sensor_Type as well as the temperature and tilt data. This eliminates the necessity for expensive analog-to-digital conversion so that the low-cost readout unit outputs data in real world units (arcdeg and oC). Readings can also be made using the USB port of a PC or web-book computer (SensorViewer). Long term, low power, data logging is possible using the low cost d4Logger solution. A Plug-and-Play network of d-Tilt-SG sensors (or any other YieldPoint Instrument) can be built in minutes using YieldPoint's Ethernet gateway and/or dMesh telemetry solutions.

  • Dual axis MEMS Accelerometer +/- 30arc deg range
  • On-board digital signal processing
  • High Resolution(0.01 arc deg) & absolute accuracy (0.1 arc deg)
  • Robust digital RS485 signal can be transmitted over 1000ft without amplification
  • Micro-controller stores sensor ID & Calibration Coefficients
  • Suitable for moderate resolution applications
  • High survivability following blasts and vibration(accelerometer 1000g)
  • Readout using the d-Reader
  • Data collection using YieldPoint data loggers
  • Remote monitoring using dMesh and Ethernet gateways
  • Competitively priced for non-retrievable applications

On board signal processing results in a high accuracy (0.025 arc deg) and resolution (0.01 arc deg). A digital temperature sensor(+/-1oC accuracy) provides full temperature compensation over the specified thermal range of –25 to 85oC. Each instrument is individually calibrated and the calibration sheets are available on simple request. The coefficients are stored in memory on the on-board micro-controller.

Manual Readout:

The RS485 output signal can be transmitted over 500m without amplification. Readout using YieldPoint’s low cost d-Reader readout unit provides the tilt and temperature data directly in oC and arc deg.

Automated data retrieval:

Data from a single d-TILT-SG instrument can be collected for up to 3 months using the d1Logger data-logger. Alternatively up to four(4) d-TILT-SG instruments can be monitored using a d4Logger interfaced with either the TCP/IP enable IoT Gateway or the wireless d-Mesh system. Networking can save time and money by transmitting data directly to a central control room or an engineer’s desktop.