YieldPoint’s d-Tilt-EL is a dual-axis tiltmeter designed for semi-permanent installation in either a borehole or on surface, for geotechnical and civil applications. The technology is based on an electrolytic tilt sensor with a range of +/- 2o and an on-board digital temperature sensor. Each instrument is individually calibrated with coefficients stored in the micro-controller memory. Calibration sheets are available upon simple request.

The RS485 output signal is an ASCII encoded message that includes the unique Sensor_ID, the Sensor_Type as well as the temperature and tilt data. This eliminates the necessity for expensive analog-to-digital conversion so that the low-cost readout unit outputs data in real world units (arcdeg and oC). Readings can also be made using the USB port of a PC or a tablet computer (SensorViewer on d-Tab). A real-time Plug-and-Play network of d-Tilt-EL sensors or of any combinations of other YieldPoint Instrument can be built in minutes using a combination of the low cost d4Logger solution and the dMesh wireless mesh.

  • Dual axis electrolytic geotechnical tilt sensor +/- 2arc deg range
  • ASCII encoded RS485 Output signal
  • Digital Temperature sensor
  • On-board digital signal processing: temperature compensation and digital filter
  • High resolution: 0.001arc deg and high absolute accuracy: 0.025 arc deg
  • Robust RS485 output signal transmits over 500m
  • Microcontroller stores sensor ID & calibration coefficients in Flash EEPROM
  • Suitable for moderate and high resolution applications
  • High survivability following blasts and vibration
  • Manual readings using d-Reader
  • Automatic sampling using dLogger and dMesh solutions
  • Competitively priced

d-TILT-EL is based on electrolytic tilt sensors manufactured by Spectron Glass and Electronics Inc., a world leader in electrolytic tilt sensors. A digital temperature sensor is incorporated for temperature compensation. d-Tilt-EL is available in both uniaxial (d1TILT-EL) or biaxial (d2TILT-EL) configurations with a range of +/- 2arcdeg and a resolution of 0.001 arcdeg. d-Tilt-EL can be configured for placement on a surface or in a borehole.

Signal processing:

Each instrument is individually calibrated and the coefficients written into micro-controller memory. A digital temperature sensor with +/-1oC accuracy provides full temperature compensation over the specified thermal range of –25 to 85oC.

Manual Readout:

The RS485 output signal can be transmitted over 1,500ft/500m without amplification and with no effect on performance. manual operation using YieldPoint’s low cost d-Reader readout unit provides the tilt and temperature data directly in oC and arc deg.

Automated data retrieval:

Data from the d-Tilt-EL instrument can be collected for up to 3 months using the d-Logger data logger. Alternatively up to four (4) d-Tilt-EL instruments can be monitored using a d4Logger interfaced with either the TCP/IP enable IoT Gateway or the wireless d-Mesh system. Networking can save time and money by transmitting data directly to a central control room or an engineer’s desktop.