The Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically changing the business of sensing through a combination of reduced hardware costs, improved telemetry and distributed data management. YieldPoint's digital strategy leverages these opportunities for geotechnical monitoring.

Geotechnical data loggers

YieldPoint’s BluPoint technology integrates Bluetooth 5 into its geotechnical instrumentation and data acquisition. Bluetooth 5 features the same low power features as BLE but with 4 times the range (>50m). YieldPoint’s BluPoint App provides Android Smartphone and Tablet functionality. Advantages of BluPoint are here.

Our various data loggers for geotechnical monitoring bring easy and modular capability and effortless scalability to the largest monitoring program. They accept without any configuration all our instruments for rock movement and ground support behavior monitoring. They represent a major step forward compared to analog data-loggers that are often expensive, require a cable connection for downloads and are more difficult to configure, often involving knowledge of a proprietary script or program.

YieldPoint data logging from digital geotechnical instruments solves specific problems such as:

  • Inaccuracies related to changes in geotechnical readings with lead-wire length
  • Instability due to water ingress affecting analog signals
  • Errors related to temperature changes
  • Human errors in the application of calibration coefficients
  • Errors related to the mapping of instruments to data logger ports.

Networking and telemetry for mining and civil

YieldPoint's d-Logger geotechnical monitoring solutions can be easily networked using either wired (Ethernet) or wireless IT infrastructure, both for mining and civil applications. Our Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway interfaces a d4Logger to an existing Ethernet infrastructure. d-Mesh is a 900MHz or 2.4GHz mesh radio solution based on Digi International’s Xbee radios. With the proper choice of antennas it operates underground and on surface at surprisingly long ranges and with great performance in difficult environments.

Manual readout unit for geotechnical instruments

Manual readings of ground support behaviour data or rock deformation data are important to verify that instruments are operational during installation. They are also useful when a dataset is showing unexpected or irregular readings. YieldPoint has two solutions: the d-Reader and d-Tablet.

d-Reader is a simple, powered instant readout unit that requires zero configuration to operate any of our geotechnical instruments. No button to press: the unit powers the instrument upon simple connection and instanjtly displays battery level, instrument serial ID, instrument type and the apprtopriate readings, all on a loop.

d-Tablet can also be used to download geotechnical data from d-Loggers when a laptop computer would be impractical.